In Texas, everybody has his own horse !

Texas is a southern state of the United States rich in horses. The Western riding in its original birthplace. Everyone has his own horse in Texas. Sharing the life of cowboys every day in the vast spaces and feel the sense of freedom is unmatched.

The importance of horses in Texas

The horse made Native American tribes in the north and in the south of the peoples known riders. They were adopted by various Amerindian peoples ardently influencing their cultural way.

The connection between the American people and the horse is the source of many dreams. Americans have become riders peoples because of their way of life wandering, causing a deep and lasting relationship with the horse and the turn to the continuity of their spirituality.

The essential accessory for horses

To ride a horse, it is essential to bring the appropriate saddle. Placing the saddle on the horse back and climb over it. Depending on the practiced , riding saddles have different forms but adjusted to the rider and the horse back shape. The saddles is mixed when they are adapted to many disciplines. It is called "saddle equipped" when she stirrup leathers, stirrups and a strap. Many ranch sells riding accessories like saddles. That is why we see in every corner of Texas "used saddles for sale." It is necessary that a rider who wants to be an expert should think to make an investment in a special and custom made saddle. A hard frame induces the shape of the saddle, usually made of wood or fiberglass. Different pieces often leather and sometimes plastic are placed around this reinforcement.

Horses are symbols of Texas. Any rider has his American dream it is clever or totally an apprentice, explore the abundant wonder territories horse America. Regarding their equipment, they would much rather choose French saddles as Antares or CWD. And your side? What kind of saddles do you use?

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