Full galop ride in Tenessee !

Horseback riding is one of the best ways to discover the country otherwise. If you are well equipped with a cwd used saddles for example, you can be sure to enjoy a good time to ride. It is indeed rare to find a true hiking routes in the United States with endurance horses that maintain a steady pace throughout the ride. The Tennesse is a country adorned by forested mountains and fertile land offering very diverse and unique landscapes. Having the synonym for country music, rivers of living water, log cabins or the paddle wheel boats, this country is one of the most popular horse riding enthusiasts. For this type of hiking, several choices are available to you in Tennessee including the famous park of the Great Smoky Mountains.

Great Smoky Mountains

These mountains are part of the Appalachian mountain chain spanning over eight hundred square meters from the west of the North Carolina border to Gatlinbugr Tennessee. These are the Cherokee Indians who gave their name. The Mountains National Park is a protected area. It offers several trails cycling, walking or horse riding and beautiful springs and waterfalls to cool off after a nice swim for example. The rainforests also inspire you Christmas throughout the year. Many mammals found there such as black bears, wild cats, the white-tailed Piche, foxes and others.

The park has mountains rising up to 6,643 feet whose highest peak is Mount LeConte. To camp, you do not have to worry about. Indeed, the campsites are a day of hiking each other. What will make you more practice your favorite activity. You have at your disposal 650 miles of trails through the park. The best known is the Appalachian Trail or Appalachian stretching from the mountains to the center of the Tennessee border and that of North Carolina. The best time to explore the park is during the fall.

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