In Montana we don't need reins and saddle

All riders have always dreamed of ride bareback some parts either at the beach or in the fields. This is real work conducive to the development of relaxation and balance. This exercise is not to prove its ability to hold a horse that moves, it is mainly a question to drop everything and be permeated by the movements of his horse. Riding bareback is none other than ride his horse without having a saddle or reins. If you then want to test this practice to develop all the capabilities of your frame, put your used saddles for sale.

The benefits of bareback

The bareback develops balance and therefore your plate. She oblige you to relax you and to open up more to your horse while being attentive to its environment. It allows you to feel best locomotion your equine partner, to multiply all sensations, improving the anticipation, refine your requests, provide a feeling you will not get with a saddle no matter what it is, to reduce or improve some lower back pain.

The disadvantages of bareback

You still have to be careful if you try this exercise. In fact, a bad position on your part will result in the rapid criminalization of your horse. Equines in muscular back are the only ones to be comfortable to ride bareback. You do not need to pick a horse in the projecting spine, too thin or horse emerged at the withers. This is also the case for too fat horse. At the sit bones it may be that this will not be pleasant for your horse. Note that the mounting block can become a real test if your mount is not highly educated or too large.

To reduce negative impacts on the back of your horse, it would be best to seek a straight, vertical well, the closer to the rider balanced on his stirrups. Your position will allow to accompany the movement instead of undergoing the action while cashing in shots every stride.

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