Learn to give up saddle and reins

Before any work mounted on riding horses, the best would be all about starting work in fine used saddles by working on foot in freedom ie lanyard or by hand if you do not have round Dressage then mounted without reins.

Immobility in montoir

This first job is to get on your horse without the latter moves. If he moves, there is a leak. In this case, you do not have to climb but simply exercise your dominance by taking up with a great calm rein on your side and ask him to move the hips without you make you mad you. You must make it do a half turn around his shoulders before returning to immobility and caress. Until your horse is completely calm, you must repeat this several times. Once you're on his back, you must not do anything.

Lateral flexion to rein

To exercise these inflections, you must work with hand without legs or otherwise. Avoid at all costs santagonistes action that will lock up even more and your mount will trigger more resistance. The momentum must be maintained with the snap of nappy or slight touches of the whip. You must practice these few exercises: lateral flexion of neck, the lateral movement of the hips, the nose right and left on a straight path, the train, the change of direction with the hips, walking, fold and the motor, the lateral movement of the shoulders in the direction of the fold and in the opposite direction of the bend in question.

Working without reins

Here the saddle and reins will only be present for safety reasons. These will be in the process of floter in a snap ring of the saddle while you are armed with your whip having also spent a collar around his neck. You will be in the round pen. Then you content yourself to first follow his movements and then completely stop with the collar under the base of the neck with a need for a step back.

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