Where can you find a good saddle ?

To find a good saddle riding it must first consider your riding level and the age of your horse. Next, consider the type of investment you want to achieve and the budget you have. For a novice rider, a good purpose saddle is a priori quite well.
Then remember that the seat must be adapted to your horse. If you have bought a young horse, it is useless to spend a fortune in a saddle : it will change a lot. So look cheap seat (subject to go to it) on the used market. If you buy a used saddle in a good tack, there is a good chance that professionals have already verified that the saddle was still in good condition. Used saddles are sold on internet either by individuals or by professionals. The advantage for professionals who specialize in the used saddle is that the saddles they offer for sale are all reviewed by a professional saddler. This is an important guarantee of quality. They also offer an advisory or adaptation service. So good advice : turn to this type of selling saddles, such as the online store Equitack.

Why take into account the age of the horse?

A young horse is up to 7, sometimes 8 years: morphologically, it is not "finished" before that age. The larger it is, the more it will time to finish. It is more massive, ditto. Also note that the males are later than the female individuals.
You must remember that growth is one thing, but the human and equestrian influence on the morphology is at least as important.
In reality, the more "is just" in the choice of the saddle and from the beginning of work, the easier it is to monitor the growth of the horse with the saddle. This of course involves regular work adapting monitoring by a competent professional. You can go quite easily on a high saddle used range, provided it is well chosen from the beginning and can be changed at the level of the tree as of the padding.

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