How to impress the other riders

How to impress the other riders? With a great equipment, and above all a great seat! Choosing a saddle is very important because it affects your pleasure in horse riding (if a saddle does not suit you, you will not be comfortable).

Seat Type :

- All-purpose saddle : This saddle is called "general purpose" because it can be used for any discipline or classic walk.
- Jumping-saddle : she advanced areas that allow the rider to shorten the stirrups to adopt the position called "balanced".
- Dressage-saddle: It has a deeper seat and neighborhoods more rights than the purpose saddle, allowing the rider to have longer stirrups and therefore more contact with the horse leg.
- Western-saddle or hiking: Comfortable, durable, for hiking enthusiasts and Western riding.

Upon your purchase, you'll need to consider several factors:

- Your morphology, it will determine the size of the saddle. Of course, a child will not take the same size as an adult ! But be careful measurements of English saddles are different from western saddles.

- The morphology of the horse, the most important part when choosing the horse saddle is the withers, it is imperative that the opening thereof is adapted to the withers of your horse. If your horse has a pronounced it will take a narrow opening and if it melted in its shoulders, it is better to take a wide opening.

- Your budget will determine the quality of saddle leather (leather or synthetic) and its life depending on the intensity of the use you make of it.

It is important to choose the right size and the right saddle model for a nice horseback riding. With its semi-hollow and wide seat, the all-purpose saddle offers good position for working flat and is suitable for almost all types of riding. You can find a fine used saddle and it'is often a good alternative ! Online shops offer used saddles often high mark like antares saddles,etc.

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