Horse riding in Camargue !

The Camargue is a southeastern region of France.

The Camargue owes much of its fame to its wild horses. They are not totally wild any more nowadays but a lot of them live free or in relative freedom. We do not know well the origin of the horse Camargue which we also name the "camarguais". They are valued for recreational riding and the equestrian tourism.

The foals arise from brown color whereas in the adulthood, the dress takes a grey tint clearly, which lightens yet in getting older. The increase of the tourism in the Camargue has led to a resurgence of economic interest for the "little white horse"  and now ensures backup. The Camargue horse has all the qualities required to practice horse riding. Its origins make it able to walk for hours with a poor food, even in the bad weather. It can carry a grown man despite its small size, and is very economical maintenance for its owners.

Equestrian tourism in Camargue

Numerous riding schools organize days on horseback(by horse) allowing to discover the regional Natural reserve of the Camargue with its fauna and its flora. Typically these trips that can last up to 9 hours straight requires good riding level. They allow to discover the littoral, swampy zones, herds of bulls, drailles, old ways of transhumance or to cross the Rhône by ferry.

A blazing sunset, a gallop caressing the sand and the waves failed on the beach, the work of horses and men with the cattle ( the Camargue bulls), some pink flamingos, and so many other feelings, the Camargue offers every days to the traveler of passage, always filled, such a show. In excursion or in trekking, offer yourselves the real Camargue with an exclusive travel in france.

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