Equitack: used saddlery to equip your horse !

A lot of saddlery is present in the world of trade of equipment for riding. Finding the right products is not always an easy task. And it is necessary to get rid of the preconceived notions that high-priced saddles are always of good quality and that a rider will ride better with a saddle of popular brand. Fortunately, there are some brand-name boards that have done the trademark testing and that sell only good quality at very competitive prices. Equiatck is the top of high quality upholstery.

Presentation of the equitack upholstery

Equitack is a company that has acquired many years of experience in the field of saddles. It is a branch of a famous stool manufacturing company, Voltaire design. With its enthusiastic and dynamic team, this company has set itself the goal of offering the best horses equipments to customers with a price range very appreciable given the quality of the articles that resell. Equitack always offers new saddle models and innovative riding products. And its services not only stop at the sale but go as far as repairs and advice for its loyal customers.

Products and services offered by equitack

The equitack upholstery offers all types of riding accessories, including saddles of various qualities and for all types of disciplines, ranging from simple dressage to high obstacle course. These articles are presented according to the brand, the type of stool and with the maximum possible description to help the customer easily find an article to suit him, new or used. These riding accessories are available on the equitack.com website. The products can be tested before finalizing any purchase and this is one of the great advantages with this upholstery especially since the company also specializes In stool advice and offers repair services. In addition, it offers a one-week trial period for customers. Equitack resells the saddles of famous brands like antarès or butet. Moreover a blog sharing about the activities and the appreciations of the clients in relation to the services of the company is attached to this site.

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