Discover the turkey with horses !

When we speak of passion, the journey is still on the top of the list. Another interesting hobby is riding activity and all its attractions. So if one affiliate travel and equestrian activities, we can easily recommend to more happiness. This is the case of the discovery of Turkey horse that promise to be unforgettable and unique.

Turkey: First trip

Turkey is a beautiful country with breathtaking scenery. It is normal to want to go at least once before claiming to have actually lived. It must be said that Turkey and culture of horses are one, because since the beginning of its history, this country house under his wing several generations of nomadic horsemen from the east at first. This perfectly explains the fact why horses and Turkey are like two sides of the same coin. It is even in this equestrian culture coming from the Arab Muslims of Central Asia and the ancestors of used french saddles have been possible. Also, Turkey has taken the wealth of these two continants further accentuating its cultural richness. All these stories are the horse rides in Turkey are set and offer new sensations for an unforgettable trip.

An affiliate in Turkey Equestrian activity

The equestrian and Turkey are one making horse rides more basic activity in the country. We speak mainly of horseback riding in Cappadocia. The route of this hike will thus be off the beaten path for more fun. Also, it will offer a surreal setting including hoodoos, canyons and arches carved by the winds that make the just beautiful stay and be remembered. Of course, Turkey is also a culture and a history that can be experienced again on horseback through visiting villages citadels nestled in the rock. Of course, the country will also include several types of cave churches that we can also visit on horseback.

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